Consultations on foreign economic activity:

  • advice on various issues of foreign economic activity

  • consultations on customs legislation

  • the analysis of the conditions of foreign trade contracts

  • selection of HS codes

assistance in acquisition of client competitive advantagesthe expansion of the product range:

  • the decrease in purchase prices by working with manufacturers without intermediaries

  • search of foreign partners

  • the expansion of the product range
  • savings
  • reduce risks and dependence on a single market

Search for suppliers, products, partners

  • providing information about the documents necessary for the implementation of foreign trade operations

  • assistance in the conclusion of the contract, verification of foreign trade contracts

  • analysis of prices for the desired product on the market

  • finding the most suitable and the best deals from manufacturers

  • to contact the manufacturer, negotiate with him the terms of delivery

  • to order and deliver catalogues and product samples

  • cargo insurance

  • certification of all types of products

The international carriage of goods

  • international air freight - construction of supply networks, storage, warehousing, cargo consolidation, settlement of pricing policy, booking, tracking Airway Bill, the comprehensive approach: assistance in the implementation of all legislative and licensing formalities (air delivery from China, Korea, Japan, India, UAE)

  • international container carriage by sea - reserving container in the linear company, control of further processing operations to deliver goods to port, loading and further transportation from the sender to the recipient, customs clearance, taking into account characteristics of the transported goods ( cargo delivery by sea from China, Korea, India, Japan)

  • international multimodal transport

  • LCL(groupage) and FCL international transport according to the principle "Door to Door" by road, air, sea and rail transport in any combination from all over the world

  • delivery from Europe

  • railway shipping from China

Customs clearance

  • definition of the FEACN code

  • calculations of customs duties

  • preparation of documentation required for customs clearance

  • Declaration of goods in electronic form

  • additional documentation for the carriage of goods: certificates, licenses, references, etc.

  • work with the customs authorities, the introduction of customs duties, harmonization of current issues

  • selection of the place of the procedure of customs clearance, taking into account characteristics of the goods transported

  • customs clearance

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