Shipping from Japan to the Ukraine and Russia

Company CMG INTERNATIONAL, has established itself in the sphere of international cargo traffic. Delivery of goods from Japan is one of the priority directions in the sphere of activities of the company. Japanese culture have long crossed beyond their country, and gained fans all over the World. Originality, uniqueness and indispensable attention to quality, today brought the goods of the country of the rising sun in the top ten of the most beloved and popular in the World. Japan firmly holds its position in top five world exporting countries. Japanese products are highly> valued by the consumer for the high level of technology, reliability, durability, excellent build, ergonomics and thoughtful technical solutions. Despite serious competition from producers from South-East Asia, goods from Japan were and remain very popular with a buyer who appreciates true quality. Company CMG INTERNATIONAL provides the best rate for air freight from currently available on the market. On a regular basis, the company supplies electronics, appliances, auto parts, baby products, cosmetics, clothing and many other products from Japan. Also provide services in consolidation in our warehouse in Tokyo, assistance in finding a provider, assistance in obtaining goods from Japanese online stores. To get rates on shipping Your goods from Japan leave a request on the website or contact the managers of the company in the region.

Охват рынка стран Азии и Європы с которыми мы работаем