Shipping from China to Russia

CMG INTERNATIONAL SERVICE continues to strengthen its positions on the market of shipments from China. In May, 2014 a direction new to our company was opened, China-Russia.

We can offer our customers from Russia:

  1. Delivery of containers to Russia.
  2. Delivery to Russia by air transport.
  3. Delivery to Russia by rail transport.
  4. Customs clearance at Russia.
  5. Freight of sea containers, air and rail freighting to Russia.
  6. And also other services concerning China, being provided by the CMG company already for more than one year. Among them: consolidation at our warehouses in Guangzhou, Ningbo and Beijing, agent’s services in China, search for suppliers, quality control and dispatch control for Your orders, legal support for deals in China any many others linked with running business with China.

To have a shipment from China to Russia You, need to contact our company, give all necessary information about the cargo and We will offer You a concrete logistics decision.

Delivery of commodities to Russia from China by CMG company – that is always in a quality manner and in time. CMG – your confidence and still.

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