Delivery from Japan


Japan is a country producing one of the most durable commodities in the world. Electronics, cars, equipment - all these are first-class products. Thanks to high technologies, all products of the Japanese assembly are popular and respected among true worshippers of quality. Brand clothes, environmentally compatible products, hypoallergenic cosmetics - these are the few items constantly in demand in Ukraine.

SMG INTERNATIONAL SERVICE company has been cooperating with Japanese suppliers for many years. During this time we have established strong trade relations and earned a good reputation.

The list of products from the Land of the Rising Sun is so great and diverse that for each type we have the optimal delivery options. We provide multimodal (combined) transportation services, and for smaller parties we offer consolidated shipping. At the same time, we are ready to undertake the liability of searching for partners.

Advantages of working with our company:

  1. Many years of experience of cooperation with Japanese representatives.
  2. 24-hour customer consultations.
  3. Customs clearance of documents.
  4. Legal support, including the preparation of permissive documents (certificates, declarations, notices, etc.).
  5. Representation of customer’s interests at customs structures.

By choosing us, you choose the quality, speed and full range of services

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