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CMG International Service performs delivery of goods from all Asian countries, including Thailand and Pakistan. We cooperate only with trusted and reputable suppliers. Transport, which transports cargo, meets all international requirements and standards.

Delivery methods:

  1. By air. Air communications are in demand if there is a need in fast delivery of goods. Special fastening systems in cargo compartment will protect parcel from unnecessary movement and damages.
  2. By sea. Dry cargo ships and tankers are absolutely safe types of water transport. Due to reliability of the liners and the softness of movement on the surface of water, the cargo will be delivered in integrity and safety. In addition, this type of transportation is much cheaper than the previous one.
  3. By ground. Rail transportation is proper for large batches. Ideal for importing granite, marble, other bulk and liquid cargo.
  4. Multimodal method. Assumes a combination of the above plus use of road transport.


Our company is engaged in regular deliveries of cargo from the Asian countries for more than 8 years. We thoroughly studied the peculiarities of states, established strong relations with foreign suppliers.

In addition to transportation, we provide customs clearance services and provide round-the-clock information support.

You may contact us, order delivery of goods and use all the advantages of expensive customers.

If You are interested in the cost of delivery by air, You could fill in a simple request form and We will respond you.

Enter type of commodity to be delivered and we will perform individual cost calculation.

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