Delivery from India


Now you cannot surprise anyone with stalls and shops selling goods from India. Popularity of products from the country of yogis is rising each day. For this reason, our company carries out regular cargo transportations from India.

The list is far from complete. The huge demand for products made in India founds the need for constant purchases and transportation.

Widespread imported commodities:

ü spices; ü books;
ü clothes; ü dishes;
ü footwear; üfruits, vegetables;
ü accessories; ü automobiles;
üfabric, thread; ühand-made goods;
ü furniture; ü jewellery;
ü toothpaste; ü silk;
ü incenses; ü talismans;
ü idols; ü ritual equipment;
ü seeds; ü sweets;
ü oils; ü musical instruments;
ü Ayurveda commodities;

ü cosmetics.

The list is far from complete. The huge demand for Indian-made products creates the need for constant purchases and transportation.

During 8 years of close cooperation with suppliers from South Asia we have proven to be a reliable logistics company. Delivery of goods is carried out through sea communications and by air transport. Possibility of multimodal (combined) transportation is provided for convenience of customers.

If you are interested in delivery of a small batch or an oversize cargo, we are capable to organize the consolidated transportation. Thus, you do not have to pay for the services of the whole vehicle.

We develop a route for each customer, taking into account specific features of the commodities, the goals and the capabilities of the customer.

If You are interested in the cost of delivery by air, You could fill in a simple request form and We will respond you.

Enter type of commodity to be delivered and we will perform individual cost calculation.

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