Delivery from Korea


The company SMG INTERNATIONAL SERVICE is engaged in international transportation of commodities from South Korea since 2009. During this time, we have perfected the processes of export and import customs clearance of commodities.

Modes of cargo delivery:

  1. sea transport;
  2. airliner;
  3. multimodal (combined) way.

Quality, speed and safety of cargo are the priority moments of our work. Therefore, taking into account the specific features of the goods, we select and agree the optimal way of transportation with the customer.

In addition to the basic logical services, our company will assist in customs clearance of documentation and with the search for the best Korean supplier. To make our cooperation as comfortable as possible, we minimize your participation in the process of transportation of goods. At the same time, under your first request our employee will provide accurate information about location of the cargo.

Order a shipment from us and get modern and inexpensive services of high quality from experienced logistics company.

If You are interested in the cost of delivery by air, You could fill in a simple request form and We will respond you.

Enter type of commodity to be delivered and we will perform individual cost calculation.

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