Delivery from Taiwan


CMG International Service is capable to organize for You international cargo air transportation in any form convenient for You, including “door to door” and “airport to airport” from China.

Delivery by air transport is the fastest way of transportation and is used when time is the key factor.

Air transportation from China provides fast and urgent delivery and also, of course, mobility of Your business.

Due to established contacts with air carriers in PRC, we are capable to quickly solve all arising issues and to provide the most beneficial ratio of price and quality for delivery of cargo by air transport. Air transportation from China is the most fast-developing type of delivery, as PRC is the world forge where almost everything is produced, starting from a needle and finishing with cars and factories.

In addition to air transportation, We can offer container transportation from China (for larger batches).

Our services in the area of air transportation include:

  • acceptance at our warehouse in China;
  • delivery to the airport of dispatch;
  • clearance at the airport of designation;

Everything is rather easy and simple – We do our job, You receive the commodity fast and in a quality manner. Also, in PRC our company possesses a number of reliable contacts with manufacturing factories, cargo carriers, customs services that could significantly simplify Your business.

If You are interested in the cost of delivery by air, You could fill in a simple request form and We will respond you.

Enter type of commodity to be delivered and we will perform individual cost calculation.

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