Prices for work with China. Price in the crisis period is the most important factor in decision-making on cooperation, as each business has its own calculation and planned profitability. In this article We shall tell You about pricing for our services and commodities bought at China.

Prices for our services - the cost is determined on individual basis, since each request to us does not repeat each other. We provide a full range of services for working with China, in each case there are own complications and of course much depends on products.

It is one matter if it is a commodity search, and the other is if it is a shipment of a container from China or customs clearance. In each issue to be solved much depends on the specifics of the products and volumes, that is why price of each service is determined on an individual basis.

Prices on goods from China are the most minimal wholesale prices of manufacturing factories. In each case, the prices are individual, as much depends on the manufacturing factory, required quality, the volume of purchase, the purchase season and so on.

All customer's wishes are taken into account, a scheme of buying or solving of issue is developed, and only after that the price is announced. Prices for regular shipments or permanent schemes of work can be called immediately.

How to find out price of a particular service or commodity?

Simply enough, namely by filling in the feedback form on the website or by calling us on contact numbers.

Enter type of the product you want to deliver and we will perform an individual cost estimate

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